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Destructive Tea Fire Remembered

2008 fire destroyed 210 homes in Montecito and Santa Barbara

Destructive Tea Fire Remembered

MONTECITO, Calif. - The Tea Fire in the hills of Montecito and Santa Barbara in 2008  is being remembered today as one of the worst fires in local history.  210 homes were lost.

The fire broke out at 5:50 pm on November 13, 2008.  Winds gusting at up to 70 miles per hour roared from the hills of Montecito above Westmont College and right into populated areas.  Thousands were evacuated.

These days,  residents are being reminded to do fire prevention around their properties, and the Montecito Fire Protection District is working with state grants and crews to remove thick brush from roadside areas and canyons.  That helps to reduce the spread of a  fire if one breaks out.

New technology is also helping to get emergency information out to the public in a disaster.

More information and video will be posted on this site later today.

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