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Demand for Rain Barrels Flowing Fast Before Next Storm

Drought may be far from over, and some people want to save whatever rain comes down

Rain Water Containers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif - When it rains next week as forecasters are predicting, some residents are making sure they catch as much of the water that comes down as they can.

At Santa Barbara's Home Improvement Center, there's a big demand for "rain barrels" to collect runoff water.

"Oh they have been selling like hot bread. We can't keep them in stock. There's a lot of demand for them right now," said Alex Salcedo, a department manager.

With a few connections, water can be diverted from a drain spout off a house and into the barrel.

You can also buy a small kit, and make a more simple rain barrel out of a trash can.

Two of the rain barrels on display held 50 and 58 gallons of water.  "All of them are easy to do," said Salcedo. "The average Joe can do it. All you need is  screwdriver, a tape measure, a drill, and a hacksaw."

The store also has a water saving display with products that include special hose nozzles, handheld meters for your plants and also buckets that some customers are using to collect bath and shower water for their outside landscaping.

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