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Dangerous Goleta Crosswalk Gets Safety Improvements

Months After Pedestrian Killed, Street Project Complete

Dangerous Goleta Crosswalk Gets Safety Improvements

GOLETA, Calif. - A project to make the intersection of Cathedral Oaks Road and Santa Marguerita Drive in Goleta safer for pedestrians is now complete.

Last November a woman pushing a stroller was struck and killed while trying to make it across the street. Now drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists will have a better idea when the cross walk is being used. 

City leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon and showed off the new improvements. They include: solar powered flashing beacons, curb extensions, a new pedestrian median and bright green bike lanes.

"The idea was to shorten the distance that pedestrians have to go to get from one side of the street to another," assistant city engineer Rosemarie Gaglione said.

During construction a left turn lane was removed; more lighting will soon be installed.

"I feel so much safer," said Maria Stave, who lives down the street from the intersection. "The kids feel safer and it's great that we can push the button and the lights go on so we know that people are aware that we're crossing."

The project cost $163,000 and was paid for by grants and local funds. Goleta Mayor Michael Bennett says this is just the first of many intersections that will be upgraded and made safer throughout the city.

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