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Damage Control in Isla Vista as Peace Rally is Called and Search for More Suspects is On

Residents upset at the reputation the community is getting after weekend riot

Deltopia Peace Rally

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Isla Vista residents are upset at their party reputation turning into one that's more of a danger zone.  It comes after a violent riot last weekend, that drew national attention to the community and nearby UC Santa Barbara.

Now it's time for damage control..

A student and Isla Vista resident Tyle Baxter was in the crowd but avoided harm.  He did, however, see it.  "I saw a guy I was walking past and  he had a knife and somebody started fighting with him. So I kept walking," said Baxter.

A picture of a suspect Sheriff Bill Brown wants to arrest for vandalism to a mini van was shown to some residents.  After 130 arrests, Brown says the young male in the photo is the number one person he wants to catch.

But so far, no arrest has been made.   "I can almost guarantee you won't find that person. It totally sucks.   This person -   I've been here four years and I've never seen this person in my life," said Gahl Peled as he looked at the picture.

During the day, the water oriented unpermitted street festival did not look like it was going to get out of hand, even after the sun went down.  "And there were cops everywhere so it didn't seen like it could get too crazy.  But  evidently I was wrong," said first year student Olivia Lucero.

A community peace meeting this evening at Del Playa Park is going to be one of many times Deltopia will be reviewed.  Answers won't come easily because of the already very crowded community that's had felony violence already this year, even before Deltopia.

Some students said their parents from out of town called when they heard of the mayhem.   Many were worried.

"They know I am pretty safe, usually. Deltopia is just one weekend  out of 365 days in the year," said Baxter.

"So next year we don't want to see that happen," Peled said as he looked down a palm tree lined section of Pardall Rd. "It's paradise here. We don't want to see that go to waste."

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