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Coyote Found Tied To Post In Backyard Alley

Coyote Found Tied To Post In Backyard Alley

SOLVANG, Calif. - A disturbing case of possible animal cruelty out of Santa Maria.

A young, six pound female coyote is recovering after a plumber spotted her tied to a post in an alley on Thursday.

After she was cut down, a cord was still wrapped around her neck and underneath her arms.

Julie Di Sieno of Animal Rescue Team, Inc. out of Solvang is caring for the injured coyote.

The animal has a broken jaw, and two puncture wounds on its neck.

Di Sieno said, "I received a phone call from animal control in Santa Maria stating they found a coyote puppy in extreme distress tied up in a backyard. The coyote needed immediate care. I rushed the puppy to the Solvang Veterinary Hospital. She was collapsed and barely breathing."

According to Di Sieno, the animal may have been tortured and held in captivity.

"We cannot prove if it was the tightening of the cable or if someone tortured her with these prongs. The holes in the coyote's throat are identical to these end pieces on the cable. We won't know. We're offering a 2,500 dollar reward to find who may have done this and why," Di Sieno said.

The coyote is starting to eat and drink. But, will need surgery to fix her broken lower jaw.

The Animal Rescue Team is trying to raise funds to pay for the surgery.

If you would like to help or have any information about this case click here

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