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SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - With more people wanting to cash in on the cannabis business, Santa Barbara County supervisors are looking into what would be fair in terms of regulations. 

A large crowd filled the seats inside the supervisors meeting Tuesday morning. 24 people signed up to speak during public comment. Most people spoke in favor of regulating the commercial pot industry and expressed their willingness to comply with Santa Barbara County rules. Only a handful of people spoke up against the pot industry, saying the 'skunk-like' odor is distracting ad harmful to school children. 

While the non-medical use of pot is now legal under state law, county supervisors voted to restrict new growers from crops used for recreation. The two year restriction gives the county time to look into what would be fair in terms of regulation, which cannabis growers seemed to want. 

Dennis Bozanich, Santa Barbara County Deputy Executive Director, unveiled plans for an online registry set to go public by next week. The site would allow current and potential cannabis commercial growers to register. The system would help the county get an idea of just how many people are in the business, which would in turn help them determine the economic impact of the pot industry. 

There will be a town hall meeting at the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors hall on April 25th from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Supervisor Das Williams says the meeting will allow him and his peers to get a better understanding of how the public feels about the controversial issue. 

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