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Contagious Diseases Making a Comeback in California

Contagious Diseases Making a Comeback in California

OXNARD, Calif. - Deadly diseases that were a thing of the past are making a comeback in California.

Whopping cough, a brutal cough that can last for months and is potentially fatal, is one of them.  Since the beginning of 2014 California has seen an increase in the number of whopping cough cases, especially in Ventura County.

So far this year there have been 27 cases in Ventura County, seven cases in Santa Barbara County and three cases in San Luis Obispo County.

Ventura County Public health officer Robert Levin says one of the possible reasons for the increase is less people are being immunized.

"The fact that we have more and more families who are not giving this immunization to their children it's opened up a wider and wider gap to our vulnerability to whopping cough and Pertusis," said Levin.

The other disease making a deadly comeback is Measles.  It was just about completely eliminated in the U.S. by 2000, but that is not the case anymore.

Since the start of 2014 there have been 14 measles cases in California alone, none of the cases were in the tri-counties.

Measles is so contagious that many doctors offices and clinics have signs posted on their door warning of the symptoms of measles and telling patients who have those symptoms not to enter before letting the doctor know they have arrived.

If you would like to get your child vaccinated for pertusis or measles, contacting your family doctor.

For details on when vaccination clinics will be held in Ventura County click here.

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