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Consumer Warning - Mystery Shopper Scheme

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara Better Business Bureau says a scheme involving a "mystery shopper" is ripping off consumers around the country. It also involves a fake Santa Barbara return address.

It starts with the consumer receiving a letter in the mail from TSBS Globis Corporation, which claims to be located at 312 N. Nopal St. That address actually belongs to another business that's been located there since 2003 and BBB officials say is totally unrelated to TSBS Globis.

In the letter is a check for about $1,900 with instructions to deposit the check and go to a website. At the website they are supposed to enter the supplied ID and password to get their first shopping assignment. The consumer is also instructed to wire money from Western Union to Spain as well as to a location in Greece, then scan the receipt and upload it to the website to complete the assignment.

The BBB wants consumers to know this is not a valid work-from-home opportunity. Eventually the check from TSBS Globis Corp. will bounce and the consumer is left with the responsibility for paying back the bank.

Contact the BBB at 1-805-963-8657 or go to if you are contacted.

Tune into KEY News tonight for more information on this story.

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