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Community Policing Office Opens on Santa Barbara Eastside

More officers will be in the area for community needs

Community Police Office

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A new Community Policing Office has opened on the Santa Barbara Eastside.  Officers on patrol or holding special citizen meetings will be using the office on a regular basis.

It's located inside the Franklin Center on Montecito St.

It's also in an area with a community meeting room, a medical clinic, a school, a park and a densely populated neighborhood.

Over the years the area has been challenging for police officers who say it's one of the city sectors where they have a high number of calls for service.

The new office will be a place for casual meetings with officers and residents or to make a quick response in the event of an emergency.

The pilot project will be in place for at least one year.

Chief Cam Sanchez says he expects some briefings to be held at the site by officers, and also community outreach efforts.

There's also plans for a "coffee with the cops" get together where officers and citizens talk informally over coffee about neighborhood issues.

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