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Community Phone Book Stays Local and Wins an Honor

Using recycled paper and packing in over 700 pages it remains relevant

Santa Barbara Phone Book

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara Community Phone book has won an honor for its design and content.  The publisher says  it shows big phone books still play a big role when it comes to local residential and business numbers. 

Some say it's still faster than trying to navigate a smart phone for the same information.

Mike McGill is ready to put out the 2014 edition of the book, he says it is made with completely recycled paper.  If someone doesn't want it, they can go to a special "opt out" website and it will not be delivered. Other similar phone books from other companies are listed there too.

McGill says for those who keep the book, they will get more than just numbers and ads.

He also packs it with local emergency information, government numbers, maps, bike routes, parking lot locations and an MTD bus guide.

A dining sections breaks down the restaurants by the food they serve.

McGill says those who buy ads, renew regularly. "As far as return on investment, for our product, it is a very good return and that's why 85 percent of our customers stay with us year in and year out," he said.

He also says the book is not loaded with national numbers or businesses.  It's as local as he can make it. "The  book is focused on local business here in Santa Barbara and there is no medium including the internet  that you can go to as quickly as this, open it up and and find a local businesses," said McGill.   

He also has a Lompoc-Santa Ynez book that won a national award from the Association Of Directory Publishers to go with the top honor for the Santa Barbara book in a competition with U.S. cities of similar size.

He says for those who think the book takes out trees, McGill stresses that it's made of recycled paper, and inside he has information on the green effort he is committed to.

The book also has many locations where space is donated to local non-profit groups for their ads and messages.

McGill also participates with a Hometown Hero campaign to give free ad space for a year to veterans who are starting a business.

In addition to the book itself, there's also an online ap that can be searched by a phone or computer. It can be found at :  .

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