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CHP Reminds Drivers to Drive Safely After Deadly Crash

Accident Kills One and Sends Another Driver to Hospital

CHP Reminds Drivers to Drive Safely After Deadly Crash

With more rainy days coming up and more cars on the roads for the holidays, CHP is warning drivers to be careful in wet weather after last night's deadly crash.

A young driver in a Ford Explorer was headed west on Betteravia when, CHP says, he may have tried to pass slower traffic.

He crashed into an oncoming car and killed that driver instantly.

The driver in the Explorer was sent to the hospital for leg injuries.

CHP says he was was speeding in wet weather, while the driver killed was not wearing a seat belt.

CHP won't say if rain was definitely a factor, but they say it didn't help in preventing the accident.

They remind those on the road that wet weather cuts down visibility and makes roads slippery.

They advise drivers to leave early and give themselves plenty of driving time.

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