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C'est Cheese Expands as Business Grows

Cheese and meat deli now offers a much larger menu in a bigger Santa Barbara location

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The C'est Cheese deli on Santa Barbara St. in downtown has expanded, to triple its size.

The project began over a year ago.

C'est Cheese owner Michael Graham says, "essentially we opened C'est Cheese ten years ago and we out grew it five years ago. We have been looking for an opportunity to do all the things we did on a small scale and expand them and do it on a proper scale.  We have the café here where we do breakfast, lunch, pasteries and coffee.

The plan also calls for a dinner menu in the weeks ahead.

Fine quality meats and cheeses have been the showcase items, but with a larger kitchen, comes other menu offerings including fresh salads with locally grown ingredients.  

The coffee is provided by the French Press nearby, which is also locally owned.

The expanded cafe has inside and outside seating along with a patio.

The remodeling is still getting some finishing touches.   It will eventually have a special counter for meats, another for cheese, and both are near the cafe space.

There's also a small bar for wine and beer.

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