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"Cash" Mob "Mobs" Woody's Butcher Block

Santa Maria's Third Cash Mob Successful

"Cash" Mob Mobs Woody's Butcher Block

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Santa Maria chose Woody's Butcher Block for its third cash mob.

Cash mobs are a new thing the city is trying to raise awareness for their independently-operating merchants in the downtown area.

The idea is to announce a date and time of the "mob" weeks before, and then announce the business the day of.

They blast the announcements over social media to spread the word.

At the chosen time, the city hopes the public will "mob" the store.  

The whole thing brings publicity to the business and aims to show everyone what Santa Maria has to offer.

Tonight, about 40 showed up to Woody's Butcher Block and the staff served samples.

They are a new business opened just over a year ago.

They say they hope publicity from the cash mob will encourage others in investing in a downtown Santa Maria business too.

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