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Carpinteria residents urge city council to defend 'dreamers'

Franco: "We have to know where they stand."

Carpinteria residents urge city...

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Several residents attended the Carpinteria City Council meeting Monday night asking members to defend DACA and make the city a sanctuary for immigrants. 

DACA is short for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals which has protected hundreds of thousands of children brought illegally to the United States. The program allows "dreamers" to study in the country with a renewable permit. The Trump Administration decided to end the program and made the announcement last week. 

Residents spoke up to defend dreamers during the council meeting's public comment. 

"I know one outstanding dreamer. That's enough for me to come here and beg to let this fine person and other dreamers know we stand beside them," said Leslie Westbrook, co-founder of Indivisible Carpinteria. 

According to several residents who came in support of DACA, councilmembers have not given a response to their public comments. 

"We have to know where they stand. Are they gong to stand with us or do they care? You have to know where they stand too. They know where we stand and where we're from and so what do we do? Just keep coming back," said Bob Franco, born and raised in Carpinteria. 

We emailed the councilmembers while they were in session. Once we receive a reply, we will update this article. 

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