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Carpinteria antique store featured in worldwide shoe magazine

Vans shoes uses retro site for hip photo shoot

Vans Catalog in Carpinteria

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - The Vans shoe catalog in the company stores around the world point shoppers to, not only their product, but also a Carpinteria antique store.

Wayne Babcock at Angels Antiques on Carpinteria Avenue said two marketing photographers found his site very unique and worked out a deal to shoot pictures of Vans shoes there.

The catalog shows shoes next to surfboards, skateboards, old rustic cans, and in display cases with collector's items.   The store has several rooms of rare and vintage items along with a large yard for other collectables.

Babcock was impressed with the final product that shows his store on many pages in the catalog. 

Vans shoes are largely worn by a younger, hip crowd.  Babcock says having them on display at an antique store brings together two eras.  

"We don't realize in California how we set fashion tends and style," said Babcock, who pointed out that the catalog is not only in the U.S. but many other countries including the Middle East and China.

He says the shoe at his store is "a great stamp of coolness."

Vans also put the name and address of the antique store and a picture of Babcock on the back cover.

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