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Cal Poly Students Warned

UCSB Associate Dean Tells Them To Stay Away From Isla Vista

Cal Poly Students Think Twice About Partying in Isla Vista

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Cal Poly students are thinking twice about going to Isla Vista for their Halloween celebration this year.

It's because a UCSB associate dean wrote a letter to them in their camper newspaper.

The letter tell students they will have a higher risk of being arrested for public intoxication, losing their driver's license for a year and being placed on probation for 3 years.

She says there will also be DUI checkpoints.

Most of the students who told News Channel 3 they thought of going were freshman.

Even upperclassmen are now telling them that the letter isn't a bluff.

"Yea, I saw a couple people get arrested," said senior June Hope. "One of my friends got arrested actually."

"They just came back and they told me, 'Yea, we all got put in the drunk tank. Don't go!'" sophomore Krissa Ramage said.

More than 90% of those cited and arrested in Isla Vista during Halloween period are from out of the area.

The associate dean who wrote the letter tells News Channel 3 this is her first time putting an ad in the paper.

She says the couple hundred dollars it cost was well worth the attention it's now getting.

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