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Boston bombings witness reacts to manhunt coming to an end

Witness relieved that terror is finally over

Boston bombings witness reacts to manhunt coming to an end

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - She was in the crowd at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Beatrice Zanchi spent Monday watching her friend run through the streets of Boston.

"There was a very nice, friendly atmosphere," she said. "The runner come from all over the world."

But the day turned into be a nightmare minutes after her friend finished the race.

"We just wanted to go back to the hotel, we moved a couple of steps suddenly we heard the first bomb," Zanchi said. "When the second explosion happened, I talked to my friend, we knew there was something bad going on."

Zanchi says Boston was a ghost town the next day and she has been following the fluid situation from her friends home in Santa Barbara ever since.

When the manhunt came to an end late Friday, Zanchi said she felt relieved the saga was finally over and hopes Boston and it's great marathon can go on better than ever.

"I hope that next year Boston will be able to forget and to go on with this event, which is fantastic."

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