Santa Barbara- S County

Blood donors come out to Sheriff's Department

Afternoon blood drive takes place for the staff and public

Blood Donation

GOLETA VALLEY, Calif. - They rolled up their sleeves and gave some good will by the pint today near Goleta.

A blood drive was held in a special vehicle at the parking lot of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.   Staff members and the public took part.

Everyone who gave a pint was treated to refreshments and a snack.

One of the donors was Valerie Walston from the Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue team.  She is a regular donor, every three months.

"I have a very rare blood type," said Walston. "I am B-positive so I find it important to give blood as often as possible."

And with her smile, it appeared to be painless.

"You feel a quick pinch on your finger when they test your iron levels and you feel a quick pinch on your arm when they insert the needle. Otherwise no pressure at all," said Walston.

Donors were through the process in about 20 minutes.