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Big rig crashes on Santa Maria River Bridge

Crash shuts down freeway for hours

Big rig crashes on Santa Maria River Bridge

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Traffic on Highway 101 in Santa Maria is back to normal after a major crash Tuesday morning.

During the morning commute a big rig jack-knifed on the river bridge backing up traffic for miles.

"I was just thinking about those TV scenes when the vehicle jack-knifes and then it blows up in smoke, you know? A big ball of fire and I thought, "Oh get me outta here." I saw all the gas going all over the place," said morning commuter Rose Spangola.

The fog at the time of the crash was very dense. "Traffic was kind of slow and go across the bridge because of the fog and the driver of the big rig came up on the traffic a little fast, applied his brakes, lost control and jack-knifed," said California Highway Patrol Sergeant, John Ploetz.

Nobody was injured in the crash but, traffic was backed up for several miles and the freeway shut down for hours.

The freeway reopened by the afternoon.


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