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'BFF's' Brings in Big Laughs at Film Fest

Debuted At Santa Barbara International Film Festival

'BFF's' Brings in Big Laughs at Film Fest

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - "BFFs" made it's world debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The independent film opened Friday morning to a sold out crowd and then played two other times. It's being called "clever" and "comedy gold" by the audience. BFFs is one of several films up for awards as part of the 29th edition of the festival.

Film Festival's Synopsis:

Kat and Samantha have been best friends for years, a friendship that withstands their sarcastic beatings and constant banters. When Kat is given a couples weekend workshop as a birthday gift from her mother – despite the fact she never plans to reignite relations with her ex– she declines the invitation with her usual sarcasm and pessimism.

Later that night, as Sam opens Kat's gifts, the two drink tequila and argue over who gets what present. Then Sam has an idea: what if they went to the couples workshop together? What begins as a joke soon escalates into a plan to pose as a couple, relishing the free weekend retreat, all the while secretly mocking the other struggling relationships.

But as soon as they arrive, the weekend brings a different kind of amusement. The more Kat and Sam plunge into the activities, the more they find themselves working on a relationship that doesn't even exist, raising emotions neither anticipated nor bargained for.

Held at the core by the strength of the leads (Tara Karsian and Andrea Grano), BFFs is propelled forward by the hilarious combinations of supporting couples, sharp dialogue, and weekend shenanigans.

Always remaining full of heart, BFFs never strays into cliché, successfully satisfying and surprising us by the time the credits roll.

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