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Benches Removed in Two Block Area of Downtown Santa Barbara

City says cleaning and repairs were needed

State Street Benches Gone

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Benches have been removed in a two block area of State Street between Haley and Ortega Streets in downtown Santa Barbara. The city says they are being cleaned and repaired.

The benches have also been in areas were street vandals and panhandlers have  congregated, sometimes, hours at a time.

Once the refurbishing is done, the benches will be returned.  The timeline has them back in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Afterwards, benches in other blocks will also get reconditioned.

A piece of artwork, called the Crescent Crossing, in a mid block area by State and Ortega, has been circled in yellow tape by the city for about the last three weeks.  The city says it is also going through cleaning.

It's in an area where Chief Cam Sanchez told the City Council in March, his officers made eight felony arrests, 13 misdemeanor arrests, and issued 151 citations.

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