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"Bed Taxes" May Increase In SB County

Hotel Owners Say Increase May Hurt Business

"Bed Taxes" May Increase In SB County

LOS ALAMOS, Calif. - Santa Barbara County supervisors voted four-to-one today to move forward with taxing hotel visitors an extra 2%.

The current tax is 10%, which hotel owners say is already a lot for their customers.

The board today voted to consider placing a 12.5% percent tax on the ballot this November.

A hotel owner in Los Alamos says he may have to pay for some of that increase himself because he doesn't want to raise his rates.

He also does not think the increase is fair because it only affects unincorporated Santa Barbara County, where many hotels are independently-owned.

The new tax would be .5% higher then what most visitors are paying in the city.

The bed tax raises about $7 million annually.

If increased, it will generate an extra $150,000 during its first year in effect.

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