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Back to School Week Brings Friends Together Again on Local Campuses

Thousands of students back at their desks and in their labs

Back to School brings friends back to the campuses

Santa Barbara, Calif. - Many local students are back on their campuses for the start of school, and with that, they are planning the year ahead.

Outside of Santa Barbara High, some sophomores said they were looking forward to specific courses  along with time to hang out with friends, but they also realize college is not too far away.

Elliot Bettles said, "first day of school, seeing all my friends.  I haven't seen them over  the summer  so that was great."

Some students said there was a time for inspiration to get them into the right direction for the coming year. "We read a  'this I believe'  statement.  I really believe in that, because if you do what you love,  you can't lose," said Cole Federbusch.

Looking ahead to his career in medicine   Carter Tran said, "yeah I am actually enjoying my medical bio class,  it is really fun. Hopefully it turns out good this year."

Some of the students are enrolled both in the high school classes and courses at Santa Barbara City College at the same time.

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