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Artists remember D-Day veterans with life-size sand sculpture

Tuesday marks 73rd anniversary of D-Day

Artists remember D-Day veterans with...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Life-size sand sculpture of a soldier holding onto a wounded soldier sits beside the entrance to Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara. 

Scott Doss and his student "Jeff" created the sculpture on Monday. They are remembering soldiers who risked their lives to protect people back home during World War II. 

Tuesday marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day. The allied invasion of Normandy during WWII largest single invasion in history. 

“The legs and the arms were done today. We don’t work a solid 15 hours. 6 or 8 hours in the day until we go home until the next day and we add some more. We repair whatever damage there is. Work it until someone knows it over," said Jeff, the creator of the wounded soldier figure. 

Doss and Jeff ask that people who enjoy their creations show their appreciation with tips. 

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