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Arrest in Cold Murder Case Involving Lompoc Man

Homeless Man Arrested 30 Years After Crime

Cold Case Murder Arrest

LOMPOC, Calif. -

A 30-year old cold case involving a Lompoc man may be solved.

Jerry Heath was shot in the back of the head and killed in Arizona back in 1981.

Susan Didrickson says her father went missing while driving from Fort Worth, Texas to his home in Lompoc.

She thought the killer was a man who already served jailtime for a similar murder.

On Valentine's Day, deputies say they tracked down that man, 73-year-old Robert Rodriguez.

Authorities believe Rodriquez was a hitch hiker Jerry Jeath picked up along the way.

Rodriguez was arrested at a homeless shelter in Medford, Oregon last week.

He's being held on a half-million dollar bail and will be transported to Arizona to face murder charges.

Susan plans to make it to his arraignment.

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