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Anti-Bullying Curriculum in Lompoc Schools

Anti-Bullying Curriculum in Lompoc Schools

LOMPOC, Calif. - Teasing and bullying are issues at schools all across the nation.

Regan Fife, Principal at Fillmore Elementary in Lompoc said "I think teasing and bullying is becoming more and more of an issue."

Fillmore has policies on cyber bulling. Fife said, "I think you can have all the policies but at the end of the day it comes down to students and it comes down to kids."

Schools like Fillmore are working to put an end to bullying by empowering students. The new program they want to implement is called "Stand Tall."

Dena Kern with the United Boys and Girls Club, Lompoc Clubhouse, hoped to bring Stand Tall to elementary schools in Lompoc.

Kern said, "By being at the front end of this, and not waiting until there is a catastrophe here locally we're going to have better results for our kids."

Principal Fife said, "We've never had a program in place that teaches what to do about that."

Stand Tall will soon be implemented in fourth through sixth grade classrooms  at some Lompoc schools, where after-school programs and campuses can work hand in hand

The program teaches students to stand up for themselves and others. Ian Alcox, a fifth grade student unfortunately experienced bullying first hand.

"We always get bullied about that but not really anymore," Alcox said. He said a student once stood up for him. "I felt great and I felt a lot more confident," Alcox said.

Some students said they're finding the classes empowering. Alcox said "I should really stand up more, and whenever someone is getting bullied or I'm getting bullied we should tell an adult or parent."

Teachers hope with these classes, their students will learn to do the right thing.

Two thirds of the schools in Lompoc will soon implement the program

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