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Annual Beach Display of Crosses to Change

Crosses to be Replaced by Images of Children Around the World

'Arlington West' Crosses Replaced by Display About Future

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A group that has put up crosses on the Santa Barbara beach to remember those who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, is changing its effort.

This weekend, the crosses will be replaced by wooden dolls, created by local children.

The organizers hope the public begins to discuss the impacts facing the earth and also some solutions.  They are very concerned about what will be left for the next generation.

Tom Urban with Veterans for Peace says the war will not be forgotten, "We thought we would emphasize the cost of war,  in a different direction, including what it is doing to the environment and our new motto is the message 'Is war killing our planet?'"

The Arlington West display began in 2003. It has been seen by thousands of visitors each weekend it was up.  The schedule has changed over the years, but it was always up on Memorial Day weekend.  

The new display with the children's dolls will also have some banners up about the earth and a place for people to comment. "You gotta listen to people. You have to hear where they are coming from because too many on the left  don't listen, they preach.  I've had people yell at me here, but we ended up shaking hands.  We found a lot in common," said Ron Dexter with Veterans for Peace.

Sunday at 1 p.m. there will be speeches by local leaders pertaining to the planet, global warming, and energy use.

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