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Andree Clark Bird Refuge Gets a Fresh Look

Water level down, but landscaping gets a facelift

Bird Refuge Update

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara's Andree Clark Bird Refuge is getting new landscaping around some of its shoreline.

The water source off Cabrillo Blvd. has been struggling in the drought without any runoff from the Montecito hills.  But it's given the city a chance to work through a five year plan to clear out overgrowth and open important drain culverts.

Asst. City Park Director Jill Zachary says the project called for the removal of problem vegetation and add new native plants.  Anyone walking through the area will see small colored flags to note where the new plants have gone in.

Zachary says a variety of different species have been added to the area.

There's also been an upgrade to the walking paths with new mulch and bark that's been groomed around the site and can take you to some of the lookouts.

As for the water level, it's normally about four feet deep.  Now it's about a foot and a half deep.

During periods of extreme heat the bird refuge can put off an unwelcoming smell.

Funding for the fresh water site came in the 1920's by the late Huguette Clark in honor of her sister. Clark contributed $50,000.

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