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Alcoholic beverage expansion license approved for casino

Chumash must develop and maintain free designated driver drink program

Casino Alcoholic Beverage Expansion

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. - Alcohol Beverage Control released a statement Wednesday explaining approval for a request to expand the liquor license at the Chumash Casino.

The casino will be able to add alcoholic beverage service to its showroom -- only during dining events. It will not be allowed during boxing events, or musical shows.

A judge determined that there was insufficient evidence to support claims that expansion would promote more crime or create law enforcement issues. These were issues brought up by opponents at public hearings.

ABC acknowledges more people will visit the casino and expects the Chumash be vigilant in checking IDs and keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.

According to ABC zoning approval is not required since Santa Barbara County has no jurisdiction over tribal land.

The tribe says there is a 40 day window now underway if there is going to be an appeal.

Chumash leaders have held a strong position against offering alcohol on the gaming floor or the Chumash Cafe.   Currently only a fine dining restaurant on the property serves alcohol.

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