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Aids LifeCycle Riders Remember Isla Vista with Special Poster

Handwritten messages are posted during Goleta stop

UCSB AIDS LifeCycle Ride

GOLETA, Calif. - The Aids LifeCycle rider remembered the Isla Vista tragedy on a stop in Goleta.

This was day six of the ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  At the stop in Girsch Park, a special banner to show support following the Isla Vista mass murders was hung on a fence, and hundreds of riders wrote messages of support.

Some were UC Santa Barbara graduates.

"This place I consider it my home, even though I haven't live here in awhile, It's one of the closest things to home I have felt. When I heard the news it really blew me away. I needed to go by and visit,"said Jaret Ornelas, a former resident of Isla Vista who took a special detour through the college town where he used to hang out.   There he saw some of the memorials left behind after the shootings.

Another rider, Laurent Bertet, who also went to UCSB,  said, "already it is a ride full of love and heartfelt love and it is good that they are extending it to the students and the faculty and the residents of Isla Vista."

The banner will be hung in an Isla Vista bike shop.

From Goleta, the riders went to Santa Barbara for an ice cream stop and then to Ventura where they will have a candle light vigil and spend the night.

The rider concludes tomorrow in Los Angeles.

(video will be posted here later tonight)

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