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7-Eleven opens first store in Isla Vista

Student community soaking up Slurpees, pizza, and necessities

Isla Vista 7-Eleven

Isla Vista, Calif. - The first ever 7-Eleven has opened in Isla Vista.

The grand opening featured a ribbon cutting by the Santa Barbara County Fire crew from Station 17 nearby.   

Customers were treated to .50 hot dogs, sodas and Slurpees.   It was all consumed to the beat of a DJ out front playing music and handing out free promotional cups.

The store is at the top of the Embarcadero Del  Norte loop across from Little Acorn Park.

Manager Ranjeet Thiara said, "we're so excited to be here. The students, the  community is amazing.  We fit that demographic.  We look forward to working with the university with the students,  giving them what they want."

He hopes to have outside tables and chairs, wi-fi, and plans for discounted coffee during finals week when students are up late studying.


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