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7-Eleven Makes $500 Donation to Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club

Part of a grand opening kick off at new Milpas St. location

Milpas 7-Eleven Donates Money

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The new 7-Eleven in Santa Barbara has donated $500 to the local Boys and Girls Club  as part of a grand opening at 402 N. Milpas St.

The store is also offering all day specials including $5.00 large pizzas, along with .50 hot dogs or Slurpees.

The family run store is making the event a meet and greet with the residents and business owners.

Ranj Thiara says his family also owns the Isla Vista 7-Eleven and several in Los Angeles County with a "good neighbor policy" in cooperation with local residents, police, schools, and community organizations.

"We are a family operation.  My dad has been in the business for 30 years and this is something we do at all of our stores," said Thiara. "We really like to get plugged into the community.  It's so much more fun to be engaged with the local neighborhood."

Three beat officers from Santa Barbara Police were on hand and said they hope to have one of their informal "coffee with a cop" gatherings at the site in the weeks ahead to talk about community issues with those who live in the area.

(More information and video will be posted later on this site.)

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