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31 Years for the Paradise Cafe Comes with a Tasty Price Roll Back

Burgers, margaritas, salads, and wine get discounted as part of the celebration

Paradise Cafe Anniversary

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Paradise Cafe is thanking its customers for 31 years of loyalty with a price roll back that will likely fill the landmark restaurant on the corner of Anacapa and Ortega Streets in Santa Barbara.

Discounted prices have been posted for the Paradise burger, Huevos Valenzuela, Cobb salad, margaritas, wine and more.  

Paradise Owners Randy and Janet Rowse say the menu, food quality and staff have been a good combination to keep the business thriving in the "off State Street" location.

"Our priorities start with the customer and work back from there. If the customers are not here, not happy,  then were not going to be around," said Randy Rowse who is also a Santa Barbara City Councilman. "Our employees are right up there too. We like them to be our customers too,  they come here,  they spend their time here, it's nice, it's fun."

One employee has been with the Paradise three decades.

Rowse is a hands on owner and is frequently at the restaurant when he is not at City Hall across the street.  He also has a close interests in quality of life issues in downtown Santa Barbara for local residents, tourists and other businesses.

He says the menu items discounted are among the most popular on the menu. 

The burgers are prepared on an oak grill and the flavorful smoke can be an attraction in the area for passersby who no doubt know when the restaurant is ready to start cooking each morning.

The special anniversary prices will be offered through Thursday evening.

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