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225 People Arrested and Booked into Jail in Isla Vista on Halloween Weekend

Isla Vista Recap

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - After three days of intense partying, the town of Isla Vista is now in recovery mode.

Tens of thousand of partiers convened on the streets of Isla Vista to party the Halloween weekend away in their Halloween costumes, but this year the party atmosphere was different compared to years' past.

"This year it was strict, too strict for my opinion... just all the crack down with MIPs, the fines, too many cops" said UCSB student Gregg Robba.

UCSB student Mike Pesin thinks the strict rules this year prevented people from coming from out of town.  "They did a sound ordinance, and blocked off roads and stuff and I think when you told your friends from out of town that there is a sound ordinance it made them not want to come."

On top of the sound ordinance, and bright LED lights installed for the event, the school purposely scheduled midterms and parent's weekend this week, but even with all those preventative measures, some people still couldn't handle Halloween in Isla Vista.

"Any jail booking is one too many, we don't want to see any students taken to jail and we had over 225 people arrested and taken to jail."  Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Kelly Hoover stated.

Another 250 people received a citation this weekend.  The citation crimes range from urinating in public to someone under 21 caught drinking alcohol.

In addition to the arrest and citations, more than 40 people were transported to the hospital.

On Sunday, besides recovering from a hangover, the residents of Isla Vista now have to deal with the mess left behind.

"More than 400 volunteers show up today to help clean up Isla Vista after Halloween, which is a major impact." said Adopt-A-Block Organizer Adam Piorte.

"Halloween weekend was a destruction of a mess and it's the best thing you can do to give back," said Kayla Miller as she picked up trash on Sunday.

The Adopt-A-Block organizer tells me that Sunday's group of volunteers picked up more than 10,000 pounds of trash.

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