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2-Year-Old Santa Maria Pedestrian Dies After Accident

2-Year-Old Santa Maria Pedestrian Dies After Accident

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - On Saturday Santa Maria police responded to a call on West Bunny Street. Police said a 2 1/2-year-old boy was hit by a car slowly backing out of a driveway.

The accident happened during a neighborhood barbecue.

The child and his mother were taken to the hospital, where he later died. The mother is stable. She was not the driver.

Police said the female driver was not intoxicated and no arrests were made.

Police are calling this a tragic accident; they're asking drivers to be extra cautious.

Officer Rudy Alvara with the Santa Maria Police Department, said, "At this time it doesn't appear there is any wrongdoing on the driver's part, it seems like it was just an accident."

Neighbors said they've been praying for the family. Some have left candles and stuffed animals at the home, in memory of the toddler.

Santa Maria traffic police said checking all your mirrors might  not be enough- there could be a toddler or a small child in your blind spot.

The parents were in close proximity to the child when this accident occurred.


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