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12-Year-Old Places 11th In Rock Climbing Competition

Santa Barbara child advances to nationals in Colorado Springs

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Pablo Hammack, 12, has a special talent: rock climbing.

This hobby landed him a spot in the 2014 National Rock Climbing Championship.

However, competing is not as easy as it looks.

"They started off with around 40 kids," Pablo said.  "And then they, the first day they knocked off a bunch and then there were only 15 kids left."

Pablo was able to secure one of those 15 spots, but on the second day of competition he fell a hair short of qualifying for the last round.

"I didn't get to go in the finals," Pablo said.  "I was just one place away so that's kind of frustrating."

Overall, Pablo still was able to climb into 11th place in the nation for his age group.

"It was all good experience and fun," Pablo said.

Also winning: one very proud mother.

"He did a great job," his mom Danielle Hammack said.  "I don't know how he handled his nerves.  But he did, he just climbed excellently and it was a really great moment for him."

What's next for Pablo?  

He wants to train to get into Nationals again next year.

For now, he's going to be competing locally and scaling mountains with friends and family.

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