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100th Birthday Skydive Celebration

100th Birthday Skydive Celebration

LOMPOC, Calif.- - Born July 6, 1914 a long time Arroyo Grande resident decides this was the year to take a 13,000-foot leap.

Many showed up to watch Lorin Brown skydive for his 100th birthday.

Moments before taking the 13,000 foot plunge, Brown was feeling cool  and calm, and he was surrounded by around 30 of  his loved ones.

Brown said, "I'm feeling very excited and very grateful to have so many friends."

He offered some wisdom on how he stays healthy. Brown says, "I stayed outdoors quite a bit and tried to ear the proper nourishment."

His entire family was there as he got into his skydiving gear, not something every 100 year old does -- but brown likes to keep up with his great-grandchildren.

Logan Smith, one of Brown's great grandkids visiting from Austin, Texas said "It's pretty unbelievable he still plays badminton with us and is the nicest great grandfather anyone can ask for."

Brown's nephew, Norris Brown from Spokane, Washington joined him on the dive.

As he walked  to the airplane his family sang happy birthday. People on the plane sang happy birthday to him as he awaited his turn to take the dive with Sky Dive Santa Barbara instructor Ed Dickinson.

Before taking off, great grandson Logan Smith s "I'm kind of nervous and I'm kind of excited too."

After landing, Brown said " I've never had such a wonderful  exciting experience. It's unbelievable."


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