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Lompoc Fallen Warriors Memorial

Lompoc Fallen Warriors Memorial

LOMPOC, Calif. - Lompoc Valley residents are working to build a memorial that will help keep the memory of fallen service members alive.

The Fallen Warriors Memorial committee held their kick-off fundraiser on Saturday.

Robert Schrum, chairman of the committee, was in the Air Force for 26 years.

"I was in Vietnam, and we lost a lot of great friends there," Schrum said, as he spoke with us about the importance of the memorial for him and many others in Lompoc.

Schrum said many in the Lompoc community who have lost friends, family, and loved ones, want a permanent place to honor fallen warriors.

"It's very important that we honor that sacrifice and remember those that paid the ultimate price."

The project has been in the works for several years. "Since WWI we have 48 soldiers who died in the line of duty," said Schrum.

Currently there is a flag built in Lompoc to honor fallen service members, but now that the group has a permit from the city they want to build a memorial around it.

The project will cost around $200 thousand. 

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