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New nutrition bar is a tasty way to enjoy Santa Barbara

All natural treat hitting store shelves

The Santa Barbara Bar

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - New to store shelves, the Santa Barbara Bar is now a tasty way to enjoy a locally produced snack.

It's created by the same owner that operates Debbie's Delights and the Santa Barbara Baking Company.

"It's all real ingredients," said founder Peter Gaum. "There's nothing artificial. It's all natural and good for you."

Unlike other similar nutritional products on the shelves, the Santa Barbara Bar is, "all fruit, nut and seed based," said Gaum.  They include the popular chia seeds, which are a good source of fiber and calcium.

"Our bars are a little bigger than the traditional bars. So it allows you to get energy back and to feel slightly full so you can keep going," said Gaum.

The nutrition bar industry is rapidly growing.  Gaum says he is stocking the bar locally now but hopes to quickly move it into other areas.  He says it's good for kids to take to school as a snack, and for athletes.

Gaum also said if you miss lunch, "you can have one of our bars, it's a fantastic replacement."

The Santa Barbara Bar comes in three flavors.  Peanut Chocolate Cherry, Coconut Almond, and Cranberry White Chocolate.

They can be found in stores including Tri-County Produce, Lazy Acres, Cantwell's, and at UC Santa Barbara.

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