Santa Barbara County Public Health has confirmed the first flu-related fatality of the season.

A woman in her twenties died within the past week.

Susan Klein-Rothschild, Deputy Director in the Community Health Division, said she did not know the woman's identity or where she lived.

Klein-Rothschild said the H1N1 strain is the most prevalent, and likely related to the woman's death. "It's not just the very young or the elderly."

Doctors say this incident should encourage everyone to get a flu shot no matter what age as the virus knows no bounds.  

"While they generally will only get a mild respiratory illness, every year we see deaths," said Dr. Fitzgibbons, an Infectious Disease Physician.  "We see critical illness. We see ICU admissions for people of all ages and I think no one is really spared from influenza."

The busiest months for flu cases are January and February, and it is not too late to get a flu shot.

The flu season ends sometime between April and May.