Santa Barbara County Approves Highway 101 Widening

Vote Passes 11 to 2

Santa Barbara County Approves 101 Highway Widening

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Finally, the project to widen highway 101 from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria is finally picking up speed.

79% of the county voted for a solution to the bottleneck congestion back in 2008.

Since then, it's been 6 years of questions--some of those questions were brought up in a meeting in Santa Maria on Thursday.

County officials and community members prodded Caltrans about where they would get the $350 million dollars needed for construction.

Community members also asked why it was necessary for Caltrans to move the left-lane on and off ramps to the right lane.

Mayor of Santa Barbara Helene Schneider expressed concerns for the funding of any city or county road and infrastructure changes that could arise from the highway changes.

Ultimately, the board voted 11 to 2 to give voters what they want.

The next step is for Caltrans to review and approve an environmental impact report.

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