San Luis Obispo's plastics ban to go in effect Thursday

Single-use plastic cups and bottles now banned

San Luis Obispo s plastics ban to go...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The lemonade you buy from F. McLintock's Saloon during the San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market is now going from cups to cans.

"So we always hand squeeze lemonade but now we're having to switch to Minute Maid product. It's been a challenge. Water has to be a canned product too, no longer using plastic water," said McLintock's Proprietor, Toney Breault.  

This is all a part of San Luis Obispo's new plastics ordinance that bans single use bottles, cups, and straws on city property. If you want to use a straw from now on, you'll have to ask for one. 

"We have to understand why - why are we doing this? It's to protect our environment and that's the most important thing," Breault explained. 

Breault says adjusting to these changes has been difficult however, telling us: "It's been a challenge to source these products at the volume we go through them so we have reached out to our vendors and they have provided us with this product. It's gonna be a change for our guests too."

A change Breault says is for the greater good.

"This is a beautiful Central Coast and we want to be in the forefront along with everybody else to make sure we protect where we live."

Now the Farmer's Market has been canceled for March 1st because of the storm coming in. So the first time you'll probably notice this move away from plastics is next Thursday. 

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