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Unemployment Figures Show Growth in San Luis Obispo County

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif - More people are getting jobs in San Luis Obispo County according to the Labor Market Information Division. New numbers were just released for last month. However, Santa Barbara County's unemployment rate has not budged.

From December 2012 to 2013, 1,700 jobs were added in San Luis Obispo County. One of the leading industries was professional and business services.

Mindy Body provides services for the health, fitness and beauty industries. "We provide our clients with a cloud-based business management software that allows them to run their business anywhere, anytime, on any device," said Amanda Patterson of Mind Body.

It's one of the businesses in San Luis Obispo County seeing steady growth. It has grown by 60 percent annually in the last several years.

"We currently have 650 employees and we hired 350 last year," said Patterson. "That's here in the San Luis Obispo office." Right now Mind Body is hiring for 40 positions for everything from product development to accounting. There has also been enough growth to break ground on a new 64,000 square foot building.

Another industry gaining momentum is educational and health services, which has a direct connection with Mind Body's business. "Mind Body has been successful because of the growing interest and demand in health and wellness and beauty industries," said Patterson. "People want to live healthier and happier lives." 

Industries that actually saw a reduction in employment were agriculture and government jobs, but government still held the highest total of 20,400 workers.

San Luis Obispo County sits at a 5.6 percent unemployment rate and Santa Barbara at 6.2 percent. Both counties are among the nine lowest in California's 58 counties.

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