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Uber App Comes to San Luis Obispo

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - If you're stranded, looking for a safe drive home after the bar , or just need a ride to the airport,  there's an app for that.

It's called Uber and it's brand new to San Luis Obispo.  

Some who don't know how the app works are asking about its safety. KCOY met with one Uber partner on Tuesday for a ride.

San Luis Obispo has around 20 drivers now and for people like who may be  worried Uber says, no fear.  Each  Uber driver has been thoroughly screened, drivers like Judi Young from San Luis Obispo.

Young signed on to work with Uber two months ago, when the service first started in the county.  

Young said, "I've taken people to the fair and wine tasting in Paso Robles.   I went to Cayucos on the 4th of July.

Judi Young says most drivers do it for the extra money,  and  they can choose to turn the service on or off.

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