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Tipline Warning: Bill Collectors Accused of Using Illegal Threats

Local residents told police will show up at their home and work.

Tipline Warning: Bill Collectors Accused of Using Illegal Th

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - An out of state bill collector may be going to far to get people to pay a past debt, they may not owe.

The company called United Receivable Group or U.R.G. is calling local residents and threatening to show up with police at their home or work and have them arrested unless they pay an alleged outstanding debt immediately.

"Hi, this is Agent Garcia. I've been contracted to serve you with a summons to appear in court. At this time, myself and the local authorities will be coming to your place of employment or residence. If you wish to rectify this matter outside of court prior to my arrival and avoid any (inaudible). I need you to contact the legal department at 866-305-6975 in reference to your case number." said the woman on the other end of phone. 

It clearly sounded like she was reading from a script and there is no indication who  she's an agent for.

The local Better Business Bureau said this bill collector is breaking law.

"We found out they are from Georgia. They have an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau there and multiple complaints just of this nature. People saying they're being intimidated and they're using these illegal debt collection tactics." said Rick Copelan, President of the Tri-Counties BBB in Santa Barbara.

Copelan suggests if you get one of these calls, ask them to send you documentation to verify there is a debt. Don't give out any personal information, such as bank accounts or credit card numbers and call the Federal Trade Commission.

NewsChannel 3 contacted United Receivable Group hoping to get answers to some of our questions about the company, but our calls were not returned.

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