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The Memory Box Project

The Memory Box Project

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - A Paso Robles non-profit is working to keep the memory of fallen soldiers alive.

The idea to make memory boxes started two years ago when David Bouillez was watching the news and thought to use his woodwork skill to give back to families who lost loved ones in the armed forces.

The memory box project has become a non-profit he hopes to see grow.

Bouillez said, "Every time we send a box out we get about 10 requests."

The memory box project has about 600 requests both local and nationwide.

Each box costs around $300 to make and ship so Bouillez said he's in constant need of more sponsors and donors. He'd like to be able to make boxes to all who request them.

The Paso Robles Masonics Lodge has sponsored four families for Bouillez to choose. On Sunday, they donated a memory box to a Santa Maria Family.

Stacy Menusa lost her husband 11 years ago.

Bouillez doesn't always meet the families he makes boxes for but on Sunday he was able to hear Menusa's story firsthand.

Menusa said It keeps the memory alive of our loved one; this is one of the best gifts we've gotten so I'm truly touched to receive it."

Menusa sayid although it's been 11 years, receiving gifts help keep her husbands family alive.

Joseph Menusa was killed in action in 2003.

Stacy Menusa said, "He was such a free spirit, so full of life so full of laughter he always had a smile on his face."

With the memory box project David hopes to keep memories alive  for decades to come.

For more information or to sponsor a family log on to


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