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Teachers Become Students At Climate Change Workshop

UCSB Uses Research to Educate Teachers on Enviornmental Studies

Teachers Become Students At Climate Change Workshop

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Teachers from up and down the coast hit the books this week at a special workshop on "Teaching Environmental Science in a Changing Climate" at the Marine Institute at University of Santa Barbara.

From middle school to high school level, teachers from Santa Barbara and Ventura County came to learn some new tricks that will help them teach their own students next year.

"It's just a fascinating opportunity," said Righetti High School teacher Jenn Sportsman.  "There was just so many people involved and new lessons that it was great.  I can take it back to my classroom, to my own students,  you know share with other teachers at my school  and in the district and even through  out the community."

Some of the specific topics discussed included biodiversity, marine science, and intertidal monitoring.

"What we're trying to do is give them relevant current research that they can then  take into their classrooms that focuses on the work we're doing," said Scott Simon, part of the Marine Science Institute at UCSB.

The workshop allowed teachers to explore the world of environmental science education, and allowed them to gain more knowledge for implementing the Common Core Standards in their classrooms.

"It has a lot of critical reading where your reading research and everything else," Sportsman said.  "But also analyzing data so the mathematics component.  And then making, you know,  creating  arguments based on evidence.  That part out of it is actually a breeze based on all  the information we are given here."

The teachers are looking forward to bring their new tricks and ideas next fall.

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