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Suspect Wanted in Paso Robles Smash & Grab Robbery

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - A Paso Robles woman is out more than two thousands of dollars after her car was broken into in her driveway.

Imagine waking up to your car window shattered and everything inside is gone.

"They just broke it enough to grab my purse and go," says Paso Robles mom, Heather Burbank.

"It sucks to think you have been violated," says Burbank.

Heather Burbank says a man smashed her window, stole her purse, credit cards, and iphone.

"Social security card, health insurance card, all my kids' health insurance cards," she says.

The Paso Robles mom parked her car in her driveway, tucked her purse under the seat; thinking it would be safe.

"Shocked, I mean it was right in front of my house," she says.

She now warns others to be on the lookout for a champagne-colored, GMC older-modeled Suburban. Surveillance video shows the suspect using Heather's card at an Atascadero gas station.

"They had used $53 for something at 3:50 in the morning," explains Burbank.

While Paso Robles and Atascadero Police continue to follow up with Heather's case, she says she won't be leaving anything in her car anymore.

Anyone with any information on the suspect is asked to contact Paso Robles or Atascadero Police Department.

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