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Strong Waves Close Pier at Avila Beach

Strong Waves Close Pier at Avila Beach

AVILA BEACH, Calif. - Many San Luis Obispo County residents said can't remember a time when they saw the tide and the waves this high.

The pier at Avila beach closed at sunset on Friday.

On Saturday morning the beach  was filled with local residents  taking pictures of what they said was a rare sight.

Parker Lauritzman, an avid surfer always keeps an eye on the tides. Lauritzman said, "It never does this. This is extremely different it's never this choppy and never this big either. This is the biggest I've ever seen Avila. It never touches the bottom of the pier or even this close."

Steve McGrath, the harbor manager said "The highest tide was measured  at a standard 5.8 feet but there may have been a  surge on top of that and we were seeing waves overtopping quite a distance into the parking lot over the port."

The tides were highest early Sunday in the morning.

McGrath said "We had waves come up hit the bottom of the pier and break some boards loose."

The pier in Avila Beach will stay closed until everything can be repaired, officials say the repairs cannot happen until the tides go down.


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