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Some Cal Poly Grads Create a Historic First for Their Family

Cal Poly Graduation

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - - Some seniors at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo shared their stories of becoming the first in their family to graduate from a four-year university.

Alexander Fernandez, a political science major, and Meagan Smith,graduating with a business degree, said they both created a historic first for their families.

For many seniors commencement is an exciting time; it's a big time for their families, too. More than 30,000 friends and family members were expected to come through the Cal Poly campus for graduation.

Fernandez said, "It's definitely a milestone for my family."

He's among the 4,200 students graduating this season at Cal Poly.

Fernandez said, "It's something big. We're one step closer to that American dream."

Smith also works on campus. As the first in her family to  graduate, she's inspiring her siblings.

Smith said, "One of my sisters is already in college, the other will start soon."

Like Smith, Fernandez said his experience has paved the way for his niece. He said "She's looking  into colleges. She wants to expand to higher education."

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